Wednesday, 30 September 2015

6A and 6B visit a local shrine.


If you are somebody who knows a lot about this tradition and would like to share your knowledge with the girls then please email us at or

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Metaphors and Learner Profile Attributes

The Grade 6s came up with a very unique idea of displaying the Learner Profile attributes as metaphors. They have been learning to think of concepts in more abstract terms and this idea seemed a great way to start the year.

So take a look at what they came up with!

 A piggy bank represents "Knowledgeable"
Can you tell us why?

 Opened -minded is represented as a tent with its flaps open. 

Balanced takes on the guise of a pair of corrective lenses. 

The body language of the old lady says it all for Reflective!

Caring is a box not of chocolates but hearts. We had a great discussion on why people choose the heart symbol to describe emotions such as love.

Risk-taker is the champion swimmer who braves the cold waters and scoffs at all the big sharks and pounding waves. 

Inquirer takes on the metaphor of shoes. Guess why!

Risk Taker takes on the metaphor of swinging through the rain-forest. This person certainly believes in themselves and is not afraid to take risks!

     Communicators need to listen more than they speak. Communication is visual as well as verbal.

Confidence has taken the metaphor of a stage performance. This lady is confidently expressing herself!

See if you can come up with rich metaphors that represent the learner profile attributes!