Thursday, 25 August 2016

Breathtaking Beginning to Grade Six

Grade Six teachers have been inspired and rejuvenated by the enthusiasm for learning that the new sixth graders have brought to their classrooms. The buzz and energy in the classrooms has set us off to a sensational start on our learning journey.

Rating ourselves on a continuum. What type of learner profile attributes do I display often?
"I want to work on being a better inquirer by asking more questions"- Tanaya 
Our Learner Profile summary and goals for the beginning of the year.

Our first unit begins the year with the transdisciplinary theme of Who We Are.

Central Idea: Understanding the beliefs and values of others can promote global mindedness.

To begin our exploration of cultures we first need to understand what culture means. Here are some initial ideas on culture from our first activity:

We have some avid readers in Grade Six. Here are some books that we are currently reading. Thank you for bringing them to the first book club this week!

Writer's Workshop kicked off with our Personal Narrative unit this week. The skills that these Sixth Graders have brought with them and the strategies they already know for generating Personal Narrative Topics have set high standards and expectations for writing this year.  Here's a little clip of 6A eagerly sharing their personal writing goals.


Working in groups is very important in the PYP and we noticed a lot of communication skills being used during various activities this week. Group decision making was challenging when we started to collect ideas for our Essential Agreement.