Thursday, 29 October 2015

Information Genre: Buddy Assessment in progress!

The students are busy assessing each others' work using Lucy Caulkin's writing checklist. This allowed the students to give each other specific feedback. They looked for evidence to support their views. As you will notice in the video, they respectfully gave feedback to each other!
They enjoyed the lesson very much. As they worked, they used post-its to set goals for themselves.

Here is a reflection from the students about the whole process of buddy assessment!

Here are a few samples of their second piece of information text.

A really good piece of organised information text. The the prior learning taken place in the class has been put to great use here.

Punctuation was being assessed at this stage.

Kako is clear about her goals.

Grade 6 General Music class performance

Grade 6 General Music have been exploring African balafon music and different ways of playing six beats (1 2 3 4 5 6) or (1 2 3 4 5 6). Their work can be heard in this performance of 'Waves' by Walt Hampton, played on the classroom Orff instruments. Please enjoy their performance!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Science Investigation 1- Does shape affect load-bearing ability?

Kaarina measures the dip or dependent variable as, Ayame add the independent Variable, the weights.

Students are setting up the experiment in order to ensure their readings give them a good conclusion!

Recording Data
The teachers guides the students through the first process

Students fill up their advanced organisers as the experiment progresses.

Can you remember all of the control variables?

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Features of Informational Texts

Here are some features of informational texts identified by Grade Six at the beginning of our unit. We will revisit in a month after examining them in more detail and writing a few ourselves. I wonder if there will be many changes made?


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Recurring fractions.

It took 16 decimal places for this rational number to show its recurring pattern! Well done for persisting 6A!

Come a take a glance at what's happening with 6 B. Students try to make sense of where they can apply integers in real life:

Youtube videos play an important role in the students lives. They watch it all the time. It was great to seem them make connections with the likes and dislikes as positive and negative integers.

Money and temperature

Can you spot the mistake? This was a great opportunity to address a misconception. The small post-it
addresses the problem!

We owe our friends some money!

The scatter brain...

Games and scores...

This group is still at the "constructing" stage . They will soon be ready to "transfer" their learning to real life situations.

These students used manipulatives to guide them and so are at the constructing stage as well.


This one was a little unusual! Integers and loosing teeth? 

Take a look!

The students presented their understanding along with the poster.

Here are a few videos of the students trying to use maths vocabulary.

What we feel about maths

At the beginning of the year students were asked how they felt about maths...


 Do you think some of them have changed their minds and feel maths is more fun?
We hope some of the students soon change their mathitudes!

Watch  out for the next video from 6 A and B!

I leave you with a video by Professor Carol Dweck