Sunday, 30 April 2017

6B Explores what a successful serve looks like in Badminton!

6B Explores Badminton in PE!

Central idea: Learning the fundamental skills and techniques of badminton such as movement, striking the shuttle/birdie, game sense and strategies. 

The 6B class has spent the last few weeks learning the basic skills to badminton and introduced to the game! The first skill they learned was how to properly serve. 

Success criteria to serve a shuttle/birdie:
1). Opposite leg slight ahead of the other
2). Hold the birdie at my waist 
3). Hold the racquet like a handshake hold and swing it back
4). Step with opposite foot while bringing racquet forward
5). Don't throw the birdie and make contact with the racquet! 

They have also been introduced to the different types of strokes: forehand, backhand, overhead clear and smash. The girls have really enjoyed the round robin single tournament and playing against their classmates! To wrap up their unit they are competing in a doubles tournament! 

Thursday, 20 April 2017

All hands on deck! Exhibition is next week!

The buzz in the Grade Six Building is ELECTRIC as the student's prepare for their Exhibition next Friday. Students made a checklist of assignments and tasks that need to be completed before next Friday. It's going to be a busy week!
The robotics group discuss and make some changes to their oral presentation.

The Bullying Group practice their dramatic monologue.

The Health and Wellbeing group discuss the main points they would like their audience to come away with.

The Medical World group are on the steps to success!
What should we really teach about addiction? A rich discussion under the stairs.
"We want our audience to feel accountable for pollution". A discussion on how this can be achieved.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Exhibition. Smells, Sights n Sounds

Smell of an Exhibition

novel smell of fresh paper
old, wet paint
sweaty palms 
and the sweet sakura breeze

Sounds ...

grating printers
crumpling paper
 annoying silence of buffering YouTube videos
tap tapping of worn-out fingers 
on weary keyboards 


eager faces
furrowed brows
lazy yawns
glazed eyes glued to screens


souring ideas
bitter failure
the salt of a bitten tongue
and the sweet taste of moving 
up the SOLO


nervous titter
happy banter 
sad it will soon be 

Art Work (2,3,4)  by-  Jasmine Huang (Grade 6B)

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Exhibition Surveys

As Exhibition approaches, many groups are collecting data to help them with their inquiries. Please take a moment to fill out the surveys below and help our Grade Six investigators to gain a deeper understanding of their Exhibition Issues.

Health & Wellbeing

Artificial Intelligence

What do you know about robots?

Have you ever been affected by bullying?
How is overproduction of clothes affecting the environment?

Public awareness of pollution: