Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Recurring fractions.

It took 16 decimal places for this rational number to show its recurring pattern! Well done for persisting 6A!

Come a take a glance at what's happening with 6 B. Students try to make sense of where they can apply integers in real life:

Youtube videos play an important role in the students lives. They watch it all the time. It was great to seem them make connections with the likes and dislikes as positive and negative integers.

Money and temperature

Can you spot the mistake? This was a great opportunity to address a misconception. The small post-it
addresses the problem!

We owe our friends some money!

The scatter brain...

Games and scores...

This group is still at the "constructing" stage . They will soon be ready to "transfer" their learning to real life situations.

These students used manipulatives to guide them and so are at the constructing stage as well.


This one was a little unusual! Integers and loosing teeth? 

Take a look!

The students presented their understanding along with the poster.

Here are a few videos of the students trying to use maths vocabulary.

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