Monday, 8 February 2016

Getting started on a new unit of inquiry!

Our new central idea is 'Understanding different microorganisms enables people to work to spread the control the spread of diseases'.  You can see the evidence of understanding we will be looking for throughout the unit below (click image to view larger size):

We started the unit by thinking about different scenarios and the possible consequences of these. Take a look at the scenarios in the slideshow and think about all the possible consequences of each one:

Students shared their ideas using a 'Silent Chalk Talk' then chose two to act out and see if their classmates could guess the chosen scenarios.


Below are the students' responses and initial conversations about the prompts (click the full screen icon to read the responses).  Pre-assessment tasks such as this are important as they allow us to revisit our initial ideas later in the unit to see how our thinking has changed.  Ms. Alo, Mr. Brigham and Ms. Molly also got involved, adding some questions and responses!

What do you think would happen in these scenarios?  Leave a comment to let us know!

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