Thursday, 25 February 2016

Weekly news update!

A lot has been happening in our classes.

It was a very fortunate coincidence to have Mrs. Makiyama, a member of the upper house of the Diet of Japan, to be part of our parent community. She was kind enough to take us right into the heart of the parliamentary building and let us experience a day in the life of a politician. Students got to see where laws are made and  how they are made.
They listened to Mrs. Makiyama recount a day in her life, right from her first steaming cup of coffee, her hectic schedules of meetings and guest appearances, till the end of her day which could be midnight.

An interesting snippet about Mrs Makiyama...she loves to wear green! See if you can spot her below.

 Future politicians in front of the Diet!

Upper house member of the Diet mingling with the students.

A day in the life of Mrs. Makiyama.

Let us zoom in a little bit. From the august, grandiose building, the Diet, to the teeming world of the unseen...

Microorganisms  are all around us. Zillions and trillions and millions( or maybe the other way round) are shimmering and slithering all around us. The students are determined to know as much about these littles things in order to vanquish the bad ones, once and for all!


Going Further with Mr Lee in the High School

In order to further their knowledge of microbes, we arranged a trip to the high school science lab. Mr. Lee was ready for us. It was a fun lesson as we were made to realise how germs transfer (with alarming rapidity) from one person to the next. We looked at microbes through the microscope, and saw a variety of protozoa. We also observed how yeast, one of the "good ones", needed warm water and sugar to come alive. They had much to froth about!

Lei discovers that she has been infected! Oh No!

Yejee peers into another world.

Mr. Lee is so funny. He kept us hooked right from the start.

Mr.Wilk and Sakura showed us how other microbes behave in a fun and interactive way. We watch how the balloon filled up with air within minutes of the yeast coming alive!

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