Monday, 4 April 2016

Data Handling in Grade 6

“So few people are really aware of their thoughts. Their minds run all over the place without their permission, and they go along for the ride unknowingly and without making a choice.” 

The grade 6s have been inquiring into Mean Median Mode and Range.

This lesson required the students to collaborate and discuss various strategies as they used their knowledge of the topic to solve a problem. We used Jo Morgan's website Resourceaholic to access this activity. This website is a highly recommended one!

The students had to match the graph with the data. One of the data had been erased, making the activity a little more challenging than the day before.

They had to organize and showcase their group effort.

After the activity, we had a plenary session where the students discussed different strategies they used. These were the guiding questions:

Use your knowledge of today's lesson and answer the following: (( Already discussed in our plenary (concluding) session today.))

1. Which cards were the easiest to match? Why was this?

2. Which cards were difficult to match? Why was this?

3. When matching the cards, did you always start with the bar chart/statistics table? Why was this?

4. Did anyone use a different strategy?
5. Did you enjoy the lesson? Why or why not? Please be very honest with yourself.

Maths Literacy :
Try and incorporate the following words in your reflection (maths exercise book). Please focus on quality presentation. (Date, title, good handwriting). Draw and illustrate your work to make it exciting for your poor teacher.

1. metacognition
2. time-consuming (when referring to 'Mean.')
3. strategy
4. misconception ( for example: when trying to figure out mode)

Enjoy your work and do your best!

This is what the students reflections look like after our plenary session. It helped them use maths vocabulary effectively. It also helped them with their metacognition skills.

We leave you with a funny one!

I leave you with a powerful video about Maths reasoning by Dan Meyer...

Thank you for reading.

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