Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Grade Six Compare Cultures

What fun we have had preparing for Global Mindedness Day! Here are some of the culture boxes and comparisons that the Grade Six students have prepared.


Thoughts on what it means to be internationally minded:

To be internationally minded means to connect and to share different traditions and ideas about culture, also to accept other people's thinking even though it could be different to yours. (Ashlynn, Lei, Rachel, Reina)

To be internationally minded is to be open to different religions and cultures, and not discriminate against them or treat them differently. (Emma, Maria, Miki, Natsu)

International Mindedness is to accept and be aware of others' cultures, ideas and beliefs by respecting and empathising with others. (Alice, Mia, Seoyoon, Sunny)

International mindedness means having a global perspective on different cultures and beliefs. (Catherine, Nana, Maiya, Siyeong)

Everyone has their own beliefs and their own mind. They should look into other cultures and get interested to be more open-minded and to be internationally minded. (Leon, Victoria, Emilie, Kyu Mi, Yuna)

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