Sunday, 30 October 2016


Most of the time we learn and while doing that, we have fun. Sometimes, we just have fun. And maybe learn things along the way. As the students were getting ready for their Halloween party, I sneaked around trying to capture them at their most natural. Come, take a look at the faces of grade 6 students.

Ms Lea crawls in, miaowing, purring.

What's  a party without a selfie? (That's an example of a rhetorical question.)

Pearl (as she nibbles on a chip) stands for what our class is all about...a (er) 'mob' of intellectuals?

Abbie, being reflective.

Azumi and Lilika collaborate to get the look.

Lilika resembles a porcupine fish here :)

Confident strides, Maya has.

Jasmine's Monalisa smile

Abbie, devours a cupcake with abandon.

The gaze...

Er, another gaze...

Zarah, displaying the true Halloween spirit.

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