Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Getting Started- Government Systems

Grade Six got started with our new Unit of Inquiry this week. The transdisciplinary theme for the unit is How We Organise Ourselves and our central idea is: How government systems function can influence the lives of citizens.

To help us get started in thinking about how laws are made and amended Mr.David Guilfoile came and presented to the Grade Sixes. Students then took part in an interactive activity where they had to try to solve a real life problem from the local community. Here are some snippets from the activity:

Here is a copy of the slideshow Mr.Guilfoile used to teach us. It gave us a lot to think about when coming up with questions at the beginning of the unit.

Here is the padlet where Grade Six students left their responses after the presentation. They responded using two thought prompts:

The most interesting thing I learned was...          I am now curious about...

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  1. An important topic. Looked interesting, but couldn't really hear what was being said or discussed.

  2. Thanks for watching Mr.Rahman! It was difficult to hear the clips that were taken on the iPad- I will try to get closer the next time. The groups were discussing the issue of planning- a nursery was planned for a certain area but the residents didn't really want it. They were discussing the problems and some possible solutions before finding out what actually happened. It's shaping up to be a very interesting unit!

  3. i love this post.waiting for your next one.
    keep posting.