Thursday, 9 February 2017

Coughing, sneezing, breathing, talking, else do we spread our germs?

These principled students were cleaning up the door handle when they noticed a glue like substance on it after break. Little did they know that they were being set up! Their favourite teachers had spread glow goo all over the door handle to set up a science investigations.  

To get started with our third line of inquiry- How communicable diseases spread, we checked how many students ended up with some gel on their hands just from opening the door. Some people who didn't touch the door still had some gel on their hands when they checked it under the blacklight. That's what you get for "high fiving" your friends!
Here is what the students think about how communicable diseases are spread at this stage of the inquiry:

We conduced a quick whole class scientific investigation before students broke into groups to design their own. Student number one rubbed glow gel on their hands and a handshake was passed all the way to student number 23. How far do you think the gel spread? Many people guessed that the germs would spread all the way to person 23. Type your guess in the comments below. You can find out how close you were by watching this video.

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