Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Student Led Conference- Using Centers

“Student-led conferences involve the student and the parents. The students are responsible for leading the conference, and also take responsibility for their learning by sharing the process with their parents… The conference involves the student discussing and reflecting upon samples of work that they have previously chosen to share with their parents. These samples have been previously selected with guidance and support from the teacher, and could be from the student’s portfolio.” 

(Making the PYP happen: A curriculum framework for international primary education, 2009) 

 The objective of our SLCs are:

 1. To focus on growth in learning rather than merely look at the summative assessment task.
 2. To give "Reflection" a chance as it competes with the other Seisen Learner Profile Attributes!
 3. To encourage the shift from teaching to learning. Student agency is encouraged in our school and what better way to do this than have them lead and steer conversations!
 4. The use of transdisciplinary skills- especially communication and thinking skills as they strive to be clear and answer their parents queries.

The students created centers where they spoke in detail about the their unit of Inquiry, mathematical concepts and all the strategies they have learned during the reading and writing workshops.

They also shared websites they created in order to showcase a cause they were interested in. Their e-portfolios helped them organize all their relevant work and came in very handy when their parents had more questions about a topic.

It would be remiss not to thank the parents in this post. They were cheerful, supportive and showed us what good listeners and critical thinkers did while interacting with others.
The students left the classroom with a cheerful smile.

Thank you from all of us in Grade 6. You consolidated our learning experience!

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