Thursday, 2 March 2017

"What's this? An envelope?"

"Where we are in place and time" is the PYP TD theme that comes to mind when I think of one class event this week. It became clear from the timid, meticulous opening of envelopes on the carpet that the Grade Six students of today are not familiar with "snail mail", but they love it!

Each student received a letter from a Grade Six student at Duleek National School, Co. Meath, Ireland. Students are busily writing research based information books at the moment but are happy to take a short break from that to flex their letter writing muscles and reply. We will collect replies and post them from school next week.

We are communicators.

Here's a short clip of the grand openings:

We (Grade 6) would like to know how many of our readers actually use letters to communicate these days. Please take a moment to complete the survey attached.

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